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Windrush Anniversary Garden

The Windrush Anniversary garden is a community project that looks to provide a lush and beautiful communal area with colourful flowers and greenery whilst also paying tribute to Huddersfield’s African Caribbean migration history. Locorum has teamed up with Building African Caribbean Communities, WHEAT (from York Avenue allotments), schools and voluntary groups to develop the Windrush Anniversary Garden in Springwood, Huddersfield. Land around the brick railway air-shaft is being transformed into an international garden of welcome to celebrate how people from all over the world have made Springwood their home. Come along and help our community garden of flowers, herbs and vegetables to grow.
Everyone is welcome! Meet our gardeners and find out more about the garden and community activities. Alternatively, just pop by and say hello!





The area of land located at the railway ventilation tower at Springwood is looking to be completely transformed into a small garden with seats. This sight lies within the heart of an area that receives and welcomes newcomers to Huddersfield from all over such as Ireland, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, South Asia and many others.