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Working with WHEAT

Locorum’s community gardening scheme harnesses a shared passion for gardening with a Caribbean twist. It brings together allotment gardeners and anyone with an interest in healthy eating, growing and gardening! Lorcorum secured some initial funding to start activity on allotments in Crosland Moor working with the Crosland Moor and Netherton TRA and have established a partnership with WHEAT a group of mainly African Caribbean men who have taken on allotments in Fartown. WHEAT takes its name from the founding members of the group who now have an established group of allotments at York Avenue in Fartown.

WHEAT’s site is south facing, sunny and sheltered by woodland behind. Excellent work is going on as the core team of five, plus some supporters, improve the land and build on the progress of their first few seasons.

Vegetable plots, planters and covered areas provide varied spaces for growing seeds, planting out and producing some impressive crop yields. Teamwork allows for sharing of decisions, digging and other tasks, pooling resources, growing and harvesting together, watering (when needed) but there is space too for individual styles, preferences and interests.

WHEAT are also working with Locorum to develop the Windrush Anniversary Garden in Springwood, Huddersfield. Over sixty years ago, many of Huddersfield’s earliest newcomers from different parts of the English speaking Caribbean Long first settled in the Springwood area. Now there is a commitment to sustaining the memory of the Windrush generation’s early connections to this part of town and WHEAT are now helping with the planting and maintaining of the Windrush Anniversary Garden as an place of international welcome.
Interest in allotment gardening is rapidly expanding and the Seven Day Adventist Church (a Black Led Church) is interested in joining the initiative as they can see the benefits for their membership and the wider community.
For more information on Kirklees allotments.

During our work placement, Anthony and myself visited one of Locorum’s vibrant allotments in which we walked around and saw how it was rebuilt from patches of dirt to flourishing vegetables and colourful flowers 

A short interview with Errol, a volunteer that has committed his time into maintaining the area around the allotments.


(Video coming soon!)