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Digital Gardeners

Digital Gardeners is a peer led initiative that brings together volunteers from the African Caribbean community who all wish to develop and share their love of gardening. Locorum received support from Creative Minds during 2021-2022 to start up a digital literacy programme that will help people to connect with each other via a shared interest in gardening even if they can no longer spend time outside.
Locorum aims to enable people to take part in gardening with a Caribbean twist regardless of their physical abilities and expertise!
Everyone is welcome as long as they have some interest in gardening, growing and even eating healthily!

Digital Gardeners brings together volunteers from Huddersfield’s African Caribbean community WHEAT (including members of WHEAT at York Avenue allotments, pictured here) and other interested people from who all wish to develop and share their love of gardening.  Locorum’s community gardening scheme harnesses a shared passion for gardening with a Caribbean twist. It brings together allotment gardeners and anyone with an interest in healthy eating, growing and gardening!

Anyone with a garden, allotment, backyard, or patio or plant pot on a windowsill is welcome to join us. If you are less active now you can share your enjoyment and knowledge online. We can help to share advice, practical tips, growing suggestions, gardening memories and recipes. We hope there will be seeds, seedlings and a harvest to share – perhaps even a barbecue!