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Locorum is a health and well-being focused social enterprise.

We seek to improve health and social care service delivery and patient public experience by helping to influence how local NHS Clinical Commissioning groups (CCGs) plan and commission health care services in culturally sensitive ways for their local communities. 

Our vision is that everyone should have  access to health care information and health care services. We believe that people should also be able to inform and influence the improvement of health care services at local and regional level through community participation.

Our goal is to empower local communities and help people to understand, enhance and strengthen their health and well-being and life chances in ways that benefit everyone. 


Our Focus

Our focus is to deliver activities where there are high levels of deprivation and where ethnicity is a determinant in health and health inequality.

Improving access to healthcare and enabling everyone to live as well and as healthily as they can underpins Locorum’s work.  

Locorum works across Kirklees, Calderdale, Bradford, Keighley, Wakefield and Leeds.

Our Strengths

We promote services that respect diversity, inclusivity, equality and equity. 

We respect cultural awareness and welcome the opportunity to bring sensitivity, insight and understanding that strengthen healthcare provision and bring benefits to the individuals and families who access those services.

We believe that informed understanding and appreciation of meeting needs in culturally appropriate ways will enhance the delivery and effectiveness of healthcare services and benefit everyone.

Our Mission

Locorum’s mission is to be rooted in a sense of the local – to work with, for and on behalf of local people in local places.Locorum prioritises meeting needs and enabling people to access services that better connect them to where they live. This brings a sense of belonging, feeling safer and more supported, and more able to live as fulfilled a life as possible. 

 Locorum takes its name from Latin for place (literally ‘of the local place’). It is used sometimes as part of a phrase genii locorum, that was used by the Romans to refer to the ‘protective spirit of a place’. It became popular among gardener designers to refer to the distinctive sense or atmosphere of a place. In mathematics, a set of points that satisfy one or more conditions is called a locus too. Locorum embraces both meanings in its focus on making things happen to improve local places and living locally.