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Gardening Tips & Tricks


Coffee k-cup

A great way of starting a seed you probably haven’t heard about is using a coffee k-cup. These cups are perfect for gardening as they contain nitrogen which is suitable for plants and acid which is suitable for some plants like tomatoes, roses and blueberries. These cups are also great as they already have a form of drainage baked into them allowing the water to flow with no interruptions. By using coffee cups not only do you save the environment by recycling but also use them to grow plants. Coffee cups can also be labelled which can make it easier to distinguish between the types.

Using a paper towel

You might have wanted to plant some seed but had no idea if the seed was ever going to grow, just looking at the seed can be hard to tell, but there are actually procedures that can give you more insights on whether the seed will grow or not. One popular procedure is by using a paper towel, by placing the paper towel on a warm surface like a cloth dryer, then placing the seeds on top and leaving them for a few days, if you see any sprouting then they can be planted.

plant pots

DIY Planter

Here are a few DIY planters that will give your indoor and outdoor plants a truly special appearance – and save some money so just be inventive! You can bring colour and life to any area of your home, backyard, garden or patio – and even your allotment – by making your own garden containers for growing potted plants and flowers. Finding attractive planters and containers to showcase inside your house or on your porch, patio, or other outdoor space is the best part.